About Us


About Us

AA Electronics Ltd is a family owned business supporting the Audio & Video industry since 1998. We offer a one of a kind approach to distributing AV products. Traditionally if you buy online, you sacrifice service, and if you buy locally, you pay more. For over 20 years, Peak Media has successfully incorporated exceptional customer service with the industry’s lowest prices. Partnering with AA Electronics Ltd means our customers never have to sacrifice.

At AA Electronics Ltd, everything is built around a relationship with the customer. AA Electronics Ltd uses technology to connect with customers, locally or nationally, and makes sure we understand your business needs. Our expert knowledge enables us to recommend products that will allow you to be successful while staying within your budget. Our representatives will never try and sell you what is best for our company, they will always sell you what is best for you.

AA Electronics Ltd offers a comprehensive line-up of products and manufacturers, the A-Z of AV distributors. AA Electronics Ltd offers Acquisition, Post, Archival/Storage Solutions and everything in between. Examples of popular product categories include Film, Video, PTZ, and Still Cameras, Camera Support, Switchers, Microphones, NLEs, Monitors, Recorders, Signal Processing, Lighting, Media, Power Supplies, Cables, Cases, and other Accessories.

AA Electronics Ltd offers a multitude of services beyond box sales. If you have a larger scale project we can offer consultation, design, installation, commissioning, and training. Our close relationships with the manufacturers allow us to offer pre and post product support, product training, and support for warranty repairs. AA Electronics Ltd supports our customers throughout the life of the product, regardless of project size.

AA Electronics Ltd is an AV vendor who will become invested in your success. AA Electronics Ltd has the technical expertise to guide you through the purchasing process, will offer any brand or product you need, will provide you with the industry’s lowest prices, and will provide support after the sale. We encourage you to contact Peak Media for your AV needs. Find out why our customers always return and have something positive to say about the experience of working with Peak Media.

If you can't find something you're looking for on our website, or would like to receive a custom quote to compare pricing on different options, please send us your request via our Contact Us Form or Email Us at support@aa-electronicsltd.com.